Our Story

Ionic Detox Pro was established to develop health & wellness technologies for personal and professional healthcare solutions to establish a balanced body – the company creates devices to aid the body with digestion, assimilation, detoxification, elimination, natural pain management and human performance.  The company develops functional, purposeful and aesthetic designs for optimum comfort and efficacy.

IDP Mission Statement

Provide advanced Health & Wellness devices, utilizing advanced Technology, highest Quality, ultimate Safety, and maximum Value to end users and practitioners.

Value Proposition

  • Best value/feature price point and warranty in the marketplace
  • Exceed Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Affordable system for at home use
  • Purposeful design for efficacy and end-user comfort.
  • Only manufacture to offer sound therapy technology as an adjunct therapy to detoxification.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. After 60 days from purchase, a 30% restocking fee applies to all detox and furniture items. No returns after 75 days. 
  • Longest-lasting water module (array) in the marketplace